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How to Choose a Personal Stylist


Choosing a personal stylist is as important as finding a fashion fairy godmother who is compatible with your style. Start by evaluating what kind of lifestyle and preferences you are after – this will help you to narrow your search. Find as much information as you can about potential stylists by checking their portfolios, testimonials from their clients, and their social media presence. Look for a person whose style is harmonic with your style but also gives you new inspirations.

Accessibility and communication are the most decisive; opt for an attentive stylist who speaks honestly and openly. Take their knowledge of all kinds of styles, figures, and occasions into account. Compatibility is the main ingredient, which creates trust and brings the layering experience to the next level.

Below we discuss how to choose a personal stylist.

Define Your Style Goals

First, allowing yourself to indulge in the area of picking the style goals is a vital move. Consider a lifestyle that suits you, your whims and fancies, and the image you have in mind.

Do you dream of a professional look that is straight to the knees, or do you relax better in the more casual and loose look down to your ankles? Knowing your goals will save you time and make it easier to choose the type of stylist you want.

Research Potential Stylists

Do your homework on the internet, referring to, social media, fashion blogs, and stylist directories to find cool stylists.

Seek a promised person who has a style that genuinely appeals to you and who have a lot of experience in working with clients with similar style preferences as you do. Listen and review their portfolio, get feedback from existing customers, and check their qualifications.

Schedule Consultations

Arrange lunch with the stylists you’d like to talk to and set up consultations. Consider these meetings as interviews to determine whether you will get along or not.

Talk about your style ambitions, compatibility (financial parameters), and specific issues or preferences you may have. While a good stylist first and foremost listens attentively, he or she will also offer personalized recommendations and tips that are perfectly suited to your specific requirements.

Evaluate Their Communication Skills

This kind of effective communication is just what is needed for a fruitful relationship between a savvy stylist and an open-minded client. Throughout the consultation, see that there is complaint line if the stylist fails to respond properly to your requirements and inputs or successfully communicates his insights to you. This ability is crucial; it indicates that s/he knows what the council should do and value your input by giving due consideration.

Moreover, make sure to ask them about their operating hours as well as their level of attentiveness in order to understand whether they will be experienced enough to address your requirements timely.


Picking out the right stylist is quite a critical step and you have to be fully aware of the underlying considerations.

By setting your style objectives, going through feasibility tests on several stylists, allocate your appointments, verifying their communication skills and general competence, and trusting your inner feelings, you can easily choose one stylist that will most suit your elaborated personal style and help you to walk with a high positive self-esteem.

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