Twinning Outfits For Couples

Twinning Outfits For Couples In The Ongoing Wedding Season


Social media has made sure that we realize that a massive wedding wave is underway. From celebrities to your friends, a lot many people are tying the knot these days. If you too are someone who is going to celebrate the big day soon or will be attending one, then we are sure you can use some outfit inspiration not just for yourself but for your significant other too. While coordinating outfits is nothing new, there are ways in which you can experiment with the trend or even add your personal twist to it.

To simplify your outfit selection, we have a few ideas for couples that you can opt for. Not only are these fashionable, but they will make you look like your best self as you commemorate the celebration of love.

Go For Pastels 

If you are tying the knot in a day ceremony or celebrating either of the functions during daytime, then similar pastels should be your go-to attire. A stunning designer wedding lehenga coupled with a well-tailored sherwani in pastel pink hues such as this one is perfect for couples who like to keep it low-key yet make a statement with their style. The pink lehenga features hand-painted motifs inspired by the mystical Indian forests and is complemented by gota patti hand embroidery. The sherwani, on the other hand, is adorned with minimal embroidery and embellishments that uniquely balance out the lehenga. 

Match the Print  

While matching hues make for stunning couple outfits, you can coordinate with your partner by opting for similar prints. Be it on your wedding day or for any of the ceremonies, this combination is bound to make you look fabulous every time. Take inspiration from this stunning Laila Gown by ace designer Anita Dongre which is hand-painted in traditional Pichhwai over luxurious silk. The gown is complemented by the Aagniv Sherwani from the designer’s collection as it is a similar hand-painted Pichhwai marvel. 

Contrast The Colours 

If you and your partner symbolize the concept of ‘opposites attract,’ then contrast hues for your outfit will be just the right choice. This green lehenga with gold work fits fabulously with the contrasting brown bandhgala for men. Elegant and chic, these ensembles help you portray your personal style while staying in sync with your partner’s style as well. Not only green and brown but there are several contrasting colours you can experiment with including blue and pink, lavender and teal and many more. 

Different Shades Of The Same Colour 

The colour chart has endless options for you to choose from and especially when it comes to ethnic wear. If you can’t find the exact same shade or just want to pick something different, then picking hues from the same colour family is the way to go. These outfits from designer Anita Dongre’s collection serve not only as an inspiration for this concept but also are great for brides and grooms who are looking forward to selecting their outfits. This yellow lehenga with subdued floral prints and this mustard kurta set for men make for the most fantastic pick for couples who love to keep it trendy and minimal.

Dressing up with your partner is always a delightful experience, especially if your attires embody both your styles. As you get ready to get married or attend a mutual friend’s wedding, take inspiration from the above-mentioned styles and we are sure you will slay at each and every occasion.

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