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Soolking Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Marriage, Family & Information

Soolking is mainly an Algerian rapper who is not only known in Algeria and France but also internationally. He tours in several countries and is in demand even in the United States although his titles are in Arabic and French.

He had a rough start when he started living in France in 2014. Indeed, he accumulated odd jobs before becoming a famous rapper. Indeed, he worked in black as a greengrocer, as a waiter he dry cleaned cars. His passion for music was clear from a young age and it was not long before he had his own group as a teenager in the suburbs of Algiers, it is a rock band. In 2016, he took his career in hand and decided to go solo.

But he was a hit in 2018 thanks to his appearance on Skyrock in the program “Planète rap”, this passage earned him 180 million views and as he played Guerilla there, this song went viral. His career was then launched because he released the same year an album Fruit du Démon certified gold record (80,000 copies sold).

Soolking Privacy, Career & Timeline


The essential Zemër, which he performs with Dhurata Dora, a German-Albanian singer, gives him more international visibility. Soolking was spotted in 2017 by a Marseille producer. He therefore signed an album with Hyper Focal which allowed him to stand out with his first hit as well as his song with Nono Soprano for the series Les Déguins.

But it is especially in 2018 that everything changes for Soolking thanks to his song Guerilla which is a success especially in the Maghreb. His international career began with his resumption of Parole Parole de Dalida. As soon as it was released, the song was ranked on Deezer among the top 10 worldwide on the Affranchis Music label directed by rapper Sofiane.

Little-known information & facts

  • Given the very alarming health case in Algeria following the Covid. Soolking decides to put a sum of money intended for the purchase of oxygen therapy equipment and this through its collaboration with the association of Algerian students and executives of France.
  • He was known everywhere toured even in the United States an international success.
  • He said on C to you on November 16, 2018 when asked if what he does is rap.
  • Indeed, he is inspired by great musicians such as Aznavour, Mickael Jackson, Brassens. He thinks that the career of rappers is generally short while these great artists are constantly regenerating their art and this is what he seeks to do especially through the cover of Parole de Dalida.
  • He did a lot of feat in his first album.
  • He lived through difficult times; he made the sale of vegetables the table dressing market in France. He worked in the black dry car wash and in the basement of Bercy he helped his friend Djamel.

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