Kaftan Addicts

Basic Style Advice for Kaftan Addicts


For ages, ladies have embraced kaftans, yet their allure hasn’t faded. Women all over the world still adore the kaftan because of how classy, royal, and lovely it looks. Knowing how to handle the kaftan properly would help amp up your look even further. They are also one of the most comfortable attires to don. These days, women are more in love than ever with this adaptable apparel. Unsure of where to begin when wearing a kaftan dress? The below advice will help you to style the kaftan flawlessly, making you the biggest trendsetter.

  • Length

Nowadays, kaftans are available in many different lengths. Both long and small kaftans are available. You can dress a kaftan to any event, regardless of its length. While visiting a party, for instance, go for an embellished kaftan rather than the standard dress if you wish to stand out from the crowd. This outfit will increase your bling factor and surprise people. Although size of the kaftan doesn’t matter, it is preferable to wear the shorter size with a pair of slim-fitting jeans or pants when attending formal events.

  • Add a layer

A jacket can enhance the beauty of a kaftan. You can choose a plain simple jacket if you have an embellished kaftan. Putting on an embroidered coat can transform a simple, one-color kaftan into a gorgeous ensemble. There are numerous lengths for jackets. A waist-length kaftan typically complements both long and short kaftans wonderfully. Yet, you can also go with an ankle-length open jacket when you are wearing a lengthy kaftan. If you are wearing a short skirt under the kaftan, this style works beautifully.

  • Right hairstyle

Although kaftans have a distinct charm, you may dress up even more by paying particular attention to your hairdo. While the type and event will determine this, you can also match it with your hairstyle. You might do the waterfall hairdo, which will add a touch of refinement, or you may let your natural locks fall by letting them open. With a kaftan, this glam hairstyle will look great in either a formal or casual situation. You may dress up the style if you’re wearing a kaftan that is only one color by accessorizing your hair.

  • Pay attention to accessories.

Jewelry can be used to accessorize a kaftan. The trick to wearing a heavy-work kaftan is to wear little jewelry. For instance, to finish the style, you can put on little hoops of jewelry and thin bracelets. You may accessorize your kaftan with large earrings. You can also pair a hefty necklace with modest stud earrings if you wish to show off your new accessory. If the kaftan has long sleeves, then it can also accessorize with bracelets, watches, or bracelets to finish the outfit.

So these were some of the basic style advice for those who love kaftans. We are sure that people will love your dressing sense if you follow these points. Dash and Dothas both plain and embroidered kaftan types for you to choose from, based on your preference. Not only that, but it also has the best collection of online tops for women. Shop conveniently for all your requirements at Dash and Dot and create an impression with impressively edgy clothing.

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