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7 trendy colors for cocktail dresses


To be the most beautiful on the occasion of her big day, the bride has selected from hundreds of models the wedding dress whose style suits her the most and which highlights her the best. Likewise, you are looking for a sophisticated evening dress . If in the matter there is only the embarrassment of the choice one can precisely have difficult to decide! Just found a chic wedding invitation in your mailbox? Are you hesitating between dozens of cocktail dresses and don’t know which one to wear? Why not focus on the trendy colors of the 2017 season?

1. Pastel blue

Pastel blue is the first of these seven trendy colors of the year. If you pay attention to fashion, you couldn’t miss the general enthusiasm for pastel ! Pastel blue is a soft and elegant color that goes well with any type of wedding, especially romantic and traditional receptions .

You can combine your chic light blue evening dress with nude accessories or why not with cherry or burgundy tones to add pep to this light shade. A boater or a straw hat will complement your look wonderfully.

2. Electric blue

Electric blue or Klein blue is a particularly favored color for brunettes and one that keeps coming back in fashion for its flattering hue and obvious, modern elegance. This tone also has the advantage of being suitable for all ages.

For a daytime wedding, combine your beautiful blue with neutral tones for a simple and discreet look or on the contrary with a flashy color like fuchsia to put yourself forward. For an evening reception, prefer black as a complement for maximum refinement.

3. Leaf green

Leaf green is also just as suitable for a daytime wedding as it is for an evening reception, depending on how you accessorize it. Choose your long or short evening dress in a supple and vaporous material for maximum elegance.

Pair green with soft colors for the day and gold for the evening. You will shine like an emerald in the middle of the audience !

4. Orange red

Adding a hint of orange in red will wake up that color and make it more vibrant. Because a wedding is a big party you will want to display a happy look and this tone will be your ally. The red evening dress , but also the orange one, is particularly suitable for outgoing women . In this sense, favor curved and well-adjusted models for maximum effect! Orange red is easily combined with nude and dark colors, golds and silvers.

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