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Hair Color Trends: Experimenting with Vibrant Hues at Your Palm Beach Salon


Thinking about switching things up when it comes to your hair color? We love seeing new colors top the trends list and people trying them out for themselves. There happen to be tons of exciting new trends to explore this year, and you can get them by visiting your Palm Beach salon.

We’re here today to break down the trends for you so you can get to experimenting. Let’s dive in!

Expensive Brunette

When we use the word expensive here, we don’t mean the cost of coloring your hair! Expensive brunette simply means the hair looks expensive. It’s all about giving you a brunette color that provides dimension and depth and leaves your hair feeling extra healthy.

You’ll want your stylist to use multiple shades to get the look. This will help to add that dimension and leave the hair looking expensive. Be sure to discuss the deepest and the lightest brunette shades you want to see throughout the hair with your stylist.

Winter White

Winter white is one of those hair colors that’s simply striking. This look is all about creating one, even hair color. It could also be a double-process type of blonde.

Either way, this type of blonde stands out like you wouldn’t believe and is super vibrant. It’s also usually best suited to naturally lighter hair colors, as it’s known for being a slightly intense process.

Golden Copper

The red trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so why not try it out for yourself?

Golden copper is a color of particular interest this season. It makes a real statement and allows you to fully commit to something totally new. Just be warned that red is a more difficult color to maintain. You’ll have to be ready to commit to regular touch-ups and a color-safe shampoo.

Brown Balayage

Brown balayage is a hair color that’s been around for a while now. But it’s a trend that is here to stay.

You get tons of dimension from brown balayage with a subtle sun-kissed look that pretty much everyone will ask you about! We love brown balayage for being a super low-maintenance hair color as well.

Face-Framing Highlights

If you want a bit of vibrance added to the hair without going too crazy with it, we recommend adding some face-framing highlights. This allows you to get a bit of a pop around the face that will help your hair feel a lot lighter overall.

It’s a gorgeous way to add some dimension to the hair without removing a lot of the dimension you might already have. This hair color is particularly lovely for summer.

Deep Auburn

We’re seeing red everywhere these days. And there’s a good reason for it. Red coloring, like deep auburn, can look absolutely stunning on the right skin tone, especially for those with deeper skin tones.

The red is super rich and can create an incredible contrast against the skin. Be sure to get your stylist to go for more of a rich shade that doesn’t have too much violet incorporated.

This color is sure to leave you feeling vibrant and beautiful.

Espresso Brunette

If you want to add some glossy health back into your hair, espresso hair color is definitely the way to do it! Give your old highlights and dead ends new life by adding a gloss layered with the deep and rich tones of the espresso hair color.

You’re sure to make a statement and see your eyes pop against your skin tone. This color also happens to work on tons of different skin tones.

Blissful Blonde

To all our blondes looking to add some vibrance to their current blonde, look no further than a sandy, blissful blonde hair color.

The idea is to keep your roots as natural as possible and then fade baby blonde shades throughout the hair. You’ll want to ask for a natural blonde hair color melt that you’ll only really need to touch up a few times a year. This look is beautiful yet easy to maintain.

Jet Black

Take your darker hair color to the next level by going totally jet black. This color ends up looking extra vibrant and is sure to make a statement without having to go too crazy with a lot of different colors.

Jet black looks particularly stunning on those with paler skin. It can also look fantastic on darker skin as it helps to bring out the richer tones in the skin. Ask for an inky black hair dye and a gloss as well to really bring on the shine.

Layered Caramel

Caramel has entered the chat. And is it ever a great way to add some dimension and warmth to your hair! If you’re naturally brunette, you’ll want to ask your stylist to add midlights to the hair that is on the warmer side. This stunning combo will help you feel like you have some life added back into your hair.

Intentional Gray

Speaking of vibrant, gray is all the rage these days. Especially when it comes to embracing your natural gray color. All you need to do is let your natural gray color grow in and then get your stylist to add a gloss to the hair to keep it from looking yellow.

Your Next Hair Color

Hopefully, you’re feeling excited about all the incredible hair color trends to explore. Whether it’s a bit tamer with the expensive brunette trend, or a little more adventurous with a vibrant gold copper, experimenting with a new hair color can be a lot of fun.

If you want to experiment, look no further than Anushka Palm Beach. Their team is skilled in creating all different types of hair colors and will be able to work with you on finding the perfect one for your unique skin tone and hair goals.

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