Wedding Garden Cakes

5 Types of Wedding Garden Cakes to Try


With the big day quickly approaching, now is the time to consider a stunning wedding cake that will make your garden wedding one to remember.

This guide will help you discover the perfect garden wedding cake recipe for your special day, from traditional cakes like white wedding cake and angel food cake to contemporary creations like rustic semi-naked cakes and buttercream layers with fresh flower decorations.

1. Traditional Cakes

Traditional cakes are ideal for a traditional garden wedding! These pastries have existed for centuries and continue to be popular today.

Typically, traditional cakes incorporate fruits, nuts, seasonings, and liqueurs to impart a distinct flavour and texture.

Classic flavours such as vanilla, almond, or lemon work well as a base, while chocolate ganache or fresh berries can be added to give the cake a unique twist.

Typically, a traditional cake has three tiers with buttercream or sugar paste icing.

The cake’s design can be kept simple with frosting spirals and sugar flowers or fruit or embellished with intricate patterns for an eye-catching display.

2. Minimalist White Wedding Cake

White wedding desserts are a traditional option for garden weddings. Whether you’re looking for something simple and sophisticated or something more ornate, white cakes provide the ideal open canvas for creating a beautiful cake.

You can choose from a single or multiple tiers and customise it with various flavours, icings, and decorations.

Numerous couples choose white fondant frosting because it is ideal for producing intricate details with royal icing and has a smooth finish.

White buttercream can also be used to create a more rustic appearance with frosting spirals or applied patterns.

There are no restrictions when it comes to decorating your white wedding cake with sugar flowers, fruit, edible jewels, ribbons, or even designs of the happy couple.

3. Angel Food Cake

Garden weddings call for angel food cake. It is not only light and ethereal but also exceedingly tasty.

Angel food cake has a unique texture because it is prepared with beaten egg whites and no butter or oil, making it a wonderful option for those seeking a healthier dessert.

You can keep things simple by adorning your cake with fresh fruit or get creative by decorating it with mini macarons, edible blossoms, or even meringue kisses.

Try adding whipped cream or a sprinkling of honey for a special touch; this will create a fantastic contrast between the sweet and sour flavours.

Angel food cake is a sophisticated yet straightforward dessert that your visitors will surely enjoy.

4. Miniature Cakes Arranged in a Bouquet Fashion

Mini cakes arranged as a bouquet are one of the most beautiful and distinctive methods to present a wedding cake.

This inventive method lets you personalise multiple cakes with distinct flavours, colours, and designs.

In addition, it provides the opportunity to display a variety of delectable delights, such as macarons, chocolates, and mini cupcakes.

You can create a stunning display to impress your guests by arranging them as a bouquet.

And the best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice flavour; you can add your favourite flavours and fillings to each mini cake so that everyone at the table can enjoy something unique!

5. Rustic-Style Cake

The perfect way to add a touch of character and amusement to your garden wedding cake table is with semi-naked rustic-style cakes.

Leave a thin layer of buttercream on the outside of a semi-naked cake to give it an effortlessly rustic appearance.

Use fresh fruits and edible flowers to adorn your cake for a truly distinct and stunning presentation.

In addition, since the strata are exposed, you can experiment with flavour combinations that you won’t find in traditional recipes.

There are numerous delectable options, from lemon and raspberry to velvet and white chocolate.

And because semi-naked cakes do not require elaborate decorations or intricate designs, they are much simpler to create than other types of cakes.

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