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Four suggestions to consider for diamond buyers


Many people avoid shopping for jewelry because scam artists may take advantage of them. If you’re one of those individuals who avoid shopping, Bhuvan Goel, the owner of S.ka Diamonds, has some advice. Using these suggestions, you may simplify being a good diamond buyer.

Finding a natural diamond to gift to a loved one is a challenge for everyone. Before making a purchase, it is crucial to confirm the color and quality of this exquisite gemstone. Make sure you always abide by some essential recommendations before you take this expensive next step in your life. It’s necessary to do research before selecting a retailer you can trust, like Flawless Fine Jewellery.

Likely, you have never bought a diamond before if you’re looking for an engagement ring, which might complicate matters considerably. Look through these beneficial suggestions before you go out and get a diamond. 

The shape of the diamond-

The cut of the diamond you select will determine your ring’s design. No one shape is consistently better; you should base your choice on your preferences (or spouse). The most popular shape for engagement rings is round brilliant cuts and are the most dazzling and brilliant-looking diamonds.

The most typical shape for a diamond is round, but many other possibilities may provide somewhat appealing results depending on how they are cut. Diamonds with fancy cuts, including cushion, princess, heart, radiant, pear, and oval, are available. Naturally, it would help if you chose these gems based on your tastes and requirements, as well as the size of your ring finger. In addition, the elongated shapes and diagonal length of these non-rounded diamonds create the impression that they are more extensive and more stunning.

Since most of these shapes are not round, they seem more significant than rounds of the same carat weight. Due to their stretched shape or diagonal length, which both create the appearance that they are bigger than they are, this is the case.

Cutting of the diamond-

Among the four Cs, the cut component is perhaps the most crucial. The word “cut” refers to the degree of artistry (the proportion and arrangement of facets) present in brilliant round diamonds rather than the shape of a diamond. A diamond’s cut quality strongly correlates to the amount of brilliance, sparkle, and fire that it exhibits. The grades are “Excellent” through “Poor.”

Diamonds are cut with facets, depth, and width in mind. It functions as a conduit, allowing light to travel through the diamond and bounce off its surface. In addition to its certification, the quality of a diamond may be assessed by seeing if it creates a prism of distinct colors when exposed to light. It would help if you were confident of a diamond’s quality before becoming a diamond buyer.

The price at which a diamond may be purchased and sold is significantly influenced by its cut quality. The “cut” is essential when looking for the perfect one that looks amazing on you. Choose a diamond with a very excellent or exceptional cut grade if you want it to have the maximum fire and sparkle.

Authenticity and purity-

Finding the BIS hallmark on a piece of jewelry is a quick and easy way to tell whether it is natural or pure. An authorized laboratory has examined and validated the item according to the logo on this hallmark. It is crucial to remember to double-check the weight and the price on that particular day when you are shopping before completing the purchase.

The adage “not everything that glitters is gold” may be taken literally when it comes to diamonds. Verifying the seller’s certificate is necessary even if you have no previous diamond experience. 

If you are a diamond buyer, always get a certificate from one of the most respected grading laboratories, such as GIA or IGI if you want to be sure that the diamond you purchase is highly caliber. The information on the certificate, which details the cut, clarity, and color of the gemstone, has been confirmed by a licensed gemologist.

Color of the diamond-

There is minimal variation in the colors of diamonds, so you are free to choose the one that best fits you. Everything will depend on your tastes and available budget. Most of the time, people go for rocks that seem whiter and brighter (Grades D-F).

Even though there are grading ratings for each of these qualities, we suggest that you think of a diamond’s color and clarity in terms of “good” or “not good.” The diamond will either look colorless or have its color in terms of appearance. A diamond is considered “eye-clean” to assess its clarity if it appears flawless to the unaided eye.

The price of a stone is influenced by its color grade, although it may be difficult for the untrained eye to tell the difference between one and three color classes. Under specialized illumination, diamonds are inspected with their facets downward to observe the minute color changes better.


As a diamond buyer, remembering that different forms reflect the color at different intensities is crucial. Consequently, the shape of the diamond you choose will significantly impact your decision about the optimal color for the stone—one that strikes a good balance between the stone’s appearance and its price.

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