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Bruce Weber Photographer Talks About the Approach to Follow to Elevate Pet Photography Capabilities


Pets play a huge part in many households. Hence, it is no surprise that pet photography is exceedingly popular. However, not all furry friends have the patience to stay still and wait for someone to take their photograph. Hence, photographers need to use their technical skills and creativity to capture the most striking photos. Bruce Weber Photographer is proficient in clicking amazing pet images. Photographs of his dogs have always been a part of his professional journey. “The Golden Retriever Photographic Society” is Weber’s first career-spanning collection of photographs of his gorgeous dogs.

Bruce Weber Photographer shares pointers on clicking stunning pet photographs

Pet photos take on a deeper meaning when their personality gets captured beautifully in a photo. It is a great idea to photograph pets in their preferred spots. Capturing images of pups as they snooze on the porch, try to catch a Frisbee, and so on, can be a great idea. Photographing a pet at play will be a nice way to capture interesting and adorable shots.  As the pet will be moving fast, it, however, is imperative to make sure that the photos are free from blur. It will be a smart move to turn the mode dial to TV or S mode to control how to freeze the action. Setting the focus mode to continuous focusing can be a good idea as well. This will allow the lens to constantly maintain its focus on the running pet. Continuous shooting mode can be used for multiple shots. The photographer can hold down the shutter button as long as they would like to catch that ideal moment.

The eyes are often considered to be the window to the soul. It sounds corny, but focusing on the eyes of the pets can help in creating an emotional connection with the viewer. In the quiet moments of the pet, like at bedtime or after eating, the photographer can move in close to take dramatic and expressive shots. Using a standard lens (50mm) or a zoom lens that covers the 28-70mm lengths would be adequate for such shoots. The photographer should turn the mode dial to AV mode and select a wide aperture for a blurred background. Spot metering can be used for the photos but flash must be avoided to achieve a softer look.

Getting on the floor at the same level as the pet is a good way to capture dramatic, yet natural shots. Lying on the ground prevents the use of tripod. One can use a camera bean bag or a sturdy book instead as a support to make sure that their camera stays steady. For a blurred background effect, selecting a shallow DOF and a fast shutter speed is important as pets can move fast.

Bruce Weber Photographer has an extensive experience in photographing pets. His book “The Golden Retriever Photographic Society” features many amazing images of his dogs. The book is meant to celebrate the human-animal bond. It illuminates how a connection to one’s pets can fuel creativity and foster an abundance of joy.

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