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7 Things to buy before taking babies to the beach


Bright sun and splashing water is nature calling your name. But how about taking your baby to the beach? After all, even those little angels sometimes need a vacation and deserve to experience the love of nature.

When you are going to the beach with little kids, it is obvious to be worried about their safety, especially given the hot sun and windy surf. Things like The Summer Chaser baby hooded beach towel, suitable eye protection, toys, etc. also call for your attention.

While you would think about their age to decide the timing and duration of staying at the beach, packing essential accessories is equally important. Here is a list to assist you to pack the beach bag for kids appropriately.

Shades to keep them from the sun

When vacationing with babies, throwing a shade to keep them cool and safe from the sun is a great idea. Look for a tree or any shade available to base your fort. Alternatively, you can carry a large-sized umbrella or use a canopy as a shape. If your baby is old enough to get into the water, you invest in floats with canopies to protect them from the sun while in water.

Sunscreen with the right SPF

Sunscreen is a smart choice even when the sun is overcast. However, sunscreen with kids is a bit tricky. Most doctors advise you to wait for at least six months before your baby can wear sunscreen. If your baby is of the right age, pick a cream that is gentle to the baby’s soft skin, water-resistant, and has an SPF of 30 or more for ideal sun protection.

Right wardrobe

Regardless of the age of your kids, make sure you choose that cover them as much as possible. Choose light-colored clothes with full sleeves and pants instead of shorts. Adorn them with sunglasses and a hat for additional protection. Also, carry a baby towel with a hoodie, if you are planning to take them into water.

Prepare for hydration

Babies are delicate and unfamiliar strong sun at the beach can be harsh on them. They can develop heat stress, exhaustion, cramp, and even stroke. Carry plenty of water and feed them frequently to ensure hydration. Experts advise carrying cool water and cold formula milk to beat the heat for them.

Portable fans to add a little breeze

While the breeze from the ocean would be more than a luxury for your kids, they might not get enough of it sometimes. Sometimes the wind at the beach is not that flowy, especially under shades or inside canopies.

To prevent such circumstances from destroying your fun, carry a small portable fan to ensure proper circulation around your child.

Lightweight life jacket and a carrier

Ocean water can be uncertain and unpredictable. While you can have a regular water-resistant baby wrap or carrier, experts advise a standardized baby lifejacket.

If you are planning to stay out and away from water, choose lightweight, breezy, and water-safe carriers. In either case, ensure proper fit so that the device can function as expected.

Bonus: Watch their trouble signs and invest in a water guardian

Babies have no way to communicate their troubles. You have to be careful of the signs of dehydration and dry or red skin to provide them instant help. Also, kids are curious and active. Having a water guardian with the dedicated duty to take care of your child will liberate you and give you the opportunity to enjoy your

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